I was once again early for the bi-weekly game night at the Rook & Rogue. This time, I had purpose in arriving before everybody else, since I wanted to take some pictures or the place (it really is kinda fun just looking at the decorations) and talking to the staff.

I had been there many times before already and had already seen geeky decorations like banners for Harry Potter, but that evening I saw a “facehugger” (those creatures famous for popping out of someone’s chest in Alien) tucked in the corner by the vents, which was a very location appropriate for what it is.

Facehugger hidden by a vent

This week, there were only 5 RSVPs instead of the usual 8 - 16, and I was looking forward to spending time in a smaller group. Large groups are great for certain things, but there are some doors that are only open when there are fewer people. I had been wanting to play Munchkin, but that’s a game that is less than ideal to teach to multiple people with varied interests. I propped up some cards against the drink I ordered for a staged photo just before the stated start time of the event.

Games and beer

Munchkin was pulled from the shelves as a mere suggestion for a game for the evening. Obviously, the choice of game was not entirely up to me, and Rook and Rouge has no shortage of options. They have games ranging from “Apples to Apples” through… well, I was going to name a game they have starting with a Z, but I cannot think of one right now. If you can think of a game, there’s a very decent probability that it’s available, though not all are freely available to just anyone. They have a collection of larger and rare games available with a membership or a day pass.

A wall of games

Instead of Munchkin, we ended up playing Domination. I didn’t recognize it at first because it is one of those games that plays differently and with a different set of cards depending on how you want to play and how many people are playing. It’s not a very complicated game despite having different options for setup, but it does involve a decent amount of strategy, and I haven’t yet determined what the best approach is, as shown by my losing again.

There was more conversation and on more interesting subjects this time. We talked about interesting stories interacting or observing people at our jobs and got to learn a little background story beyond name, occupation, and place of residence. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I don’t enjoy the excitement that is more easily seen when there are plenty of people, but it was nice to have any easier time remembering everyone’s name and not having to shout to say something to someone across a large table when multiple people are talking at once.

Playing Domination

Our next game night is March 11th and there is also a stand up improv class on March 3rd. Be sure to check out 20 & 30 Somethings Doing Some Things and RSVP.